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Mission Main St. Grant Opportunity - Vote by November 15th

UPDATE 11-15-2013

With your help and incredible support we hit our minimum required 250 votes! Thank you!

The next phase is the deliberation phase by the program's panel judges. Chase will announce the 12 small business grant recipients in January 2014.

Thank you again for your support of MobiLinc and our grant plan!

We've applied for a 250k small business grant from Chase bank as part of their 3 million dollar Mission Main St. Grant program. Chase will select 12 small businesses and award them each a 250k grant explicitly to expand and grow their small business and we need your help to qualify!

We need to receive a minimum of 250 votes to be eligible for grant consideration. We are looking for help from people like you who support our cause and what we would do with this incredible opportunity. See below for our expansion plan for MobiLinc if we are selected as one of the 12 recipients.

To vote, please click here: All you need is a Facebook account to register your vote by November 15th, 2013. Your personal information (profile, friends list, etc) will not be used or shared by us or Chase.

After voting, please share this link with your friends and help us register at least 250 votes!

What's our plan for 250k? An open letter from our CEO

October 24th, 2013 -

The home automation community has been absolutely wonderful and supportive of us over the last 4+ years. Our current revenue levels allow us to support the community and release minor updates to our products and services as needed, but what we're missing is a jolt of funding to get us to the next level.

A small but growing subset of our users are persons and veterans with limited mobility issues from either disease or injury. They use MobiLinc to make their every day lives just a little bit easier and more convenient, but we could do a lot better for this underserved community. In fact, my personal connection to those with limited mobility stems from a bad bicycle accident a few years ago that left my mom with a crushed pelvis and a long, tough road to recovery. One of the things that helped make her more comfortable was being able to adjust the thermostat, lights, fans, and other devices all from her mobile device using MobiLinc. I knew from her experience that we could do even better to help others with temporary or long term impairment.

Our overall goal is to create either an interface in MobiLinc or a separate app experience specifically designed for those with limited mobility. Our plan is to take this new focused experience to limited mobility groups and our local Veteran's Administration to promote our solution, get feedback, and hopefully help others who can use what we're creating to make every days tasks just a little easier. What's exciting for us and our existing home automation users is this investment will open up several new technologies to expand and grow our primary MobiLinc userbase including:

- Voice Control. Ask for status and command devices/scenes on/off with only your voice both inside and outside of the app (background voice recognition).

- iOS 7 iBeacon support. With iBeacons, MobiLinc becomes indoor location aware and can provide location context to the UI and commands. For example have lights and controls turn on or off as you walk through your home, auto-lock/unlock doors on approach, open MobiLinc and immediately see only the devices/scenes around you, and more location context scenarios.

- Head/Face Tracking. A hands free mode to quickly access controls when your hands are unavailable.

- Cleaner UI. Redesigned to be more focused on elevating the important content to the user.

We have basic tech demos working in our lab with all of the above new technology concepts, but we need that significant inflow of funding to finish our work and bring these new features to market for our existing MobiLinc users and specifically for our limited mobility customers we want to serve.

We've come a long ways with MobiLinc and we aren't even close to being finished yet, but we need your help! Please register your vote by November 15th so that we are eligible for the Mission Main St. small business grant consideration.

Thank you!
Wes Filleman, CEO