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MobiLinc HD Walkthrough on iPhone

MobiLinc HD Compatibility Guide

Mobile Device Support:
  • All iOS 12+ iPads and iPhones including iPhone Plus sized phones.
  • When running on the iPhone, MobiLinc HD looks and feels like MobiLinc Pro.

Works with:
  • All ISY Series Controllers (ISY-994i)

Technology Supported:
  • X10
  • Z-Wave (Requires ISY-994i ZW series controller)

Plug-Ins supported (See our Plug-In page for more information):
  • Apple Watch and Today View support.
  • Advanced Location and iBeacon support.
  • Voice Control (Control your devices, thermostats, scenes, programs, and security with your voice!)
  • Resource Manager (ISY only with firmware 4.5.4 or later)
  • IP Cameras/DVRs. Supports over 250 manufacturers - RTSP (H.264/MPEG4/Sound), MJPEG, and JPEG video.
  • ELK Security Panel.
  • Historical Energy Monitoring. See Energy Management.
  • ICON Plug-In Pack Included for free! Expand your icon selections on the iPhone with 20 new icons.

MobiLinc HD Features

MobiLinc HD is Retina and iPhone Plus Sized Compatible!

MobiLinc HD features:

  • NEW FEATURE: Apple Watch and Today View
  • NEW FEATURE: Advanced Locations and iBeacons
  • Voice Control
  • Geo-fence awareness. (ISY Series only)
  • PUSH Notifications for devices, programs, variables, and security states. (ISY Series and MobiLinc Connect only)
  • Operates as MobiLinc Pro when running on the iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • Automatic detection of network controller.
  • Username and Password authentication.
  • Works over Wi-Fi and cellular connections.
  • Real-Time Status of Devices and Scenes.
  • Supports up to 1024 devices and 1024 scenes.
  • Supports up to 1000 programs.
  • Supports Thermostats, Irrigation, and Garage Door controllers.
  • Supports Weather (ISY weather module required).
  • Supports Energy (ISY Brultech Energy Monitor required).
  • Supports Utility Demand Response Programs (ISY SEP or SmartMeter module required).
  • Supports multiple profiles to connect to multiple homes.
  • Rename any device, scene, or program command or status to match exactly what that device, scene, program controls.
  • Option to transfer all settings and configurations to another iOS device.
  • Many other customization options available.

MobiLinc HD features not found in MobiLinc Pro:
  • Takes advantage of the full iPad screen layout.
  • Realistic Switches. Press the virtual switch or keypad as if you were standing in front of the device.
  • TouchNote. Leave a personalized message for a loved one.
  • See and use up to 4 thermostats on one screen.
  • Use your own images for MobiLinc HD's background.
  • Backgrounds transition through the day.

MobiLinc HD Gallery
MobiLinc HD Default Morning Background
MobiLinc HD Default Day Background
MobiLinc HD Default Afternoon Background
MobiLinc HD Default Evening Background
Thermostat View
MobiLinc HD Devices
MobiLinc HD Voice Control
MobiLinc HD Custom Background Example
IP Camera Plug-In
Real-Time Energy
2-Hour Energy History
Energy History up to 1 Year
ELK Security
MobiLinc HD Dashboard on iPhone
MobiLinc HD Voice Control on iPhone
MobiLinc HD Thermostat on iPhone
IP Camera screen on iPhone
ELK Security on iPhone
Real-Time Energy on iPhone
2-Hour Energy History on iPhone
MobiLinc Today View Widgets
Touch ID on iPhone
MobiLinc Dashboard on iPhone Plus