MobiLincTake Control of Your Home

ISY Series Controller

Initial Setup

1. Plug the ISY series controller into your home network and configure. Visit for configuration help.
2. For iOS and Android devices, download MobiLinc X from the respective App Stores.


1. Start MobiLinc X.
2. Pick your feature tier you want to try free for 14-days.
3. Sign into your MobiLinc Connect account or create a new MobiLinc Connect account if you've never used MobiLinc Connect.
4. MobiLinc X will help you add your ISY to MobiLinc X if your ISY isn't already connected to our MobiLinc Connect platform.

For configuration tips and help, please visit the MobiLinc Forum:
*Direct connections to the ISY are supported with our other apps: MobiLinc HD, Pro, or Orchestrated MobiLinc.