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MobiLinc and the Google Assistant

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MobiLinc paired with your ISY-994x series controller and MobiLinc Connect cloud service now supports the Google Assistant!

Controlling your home has never been easier with your voice. Simply say "Ok Google, turn on kitchen lights." or "Ok Google, is my office light on?"


MobiLinc X and MobiLinc Connect supports the Google Assistant on Google Home, Pixel phones, and Android phones running Android 7.0 Nougat and Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

MobiLinc and the Google Assistant supports the following voice features:
  • Turn on or off a light, plug, device, scene, or program. "Ok Google, turn on the kitchen lights."
  • Brighten or Dim a device. "Ok Google, dim the living room."
  • Turn on or off all items in a room. "Ok Google, turn on all the kitchen lights."
  • Adjust the thermostat mode and set points. "Ok Google, set upstairs to 72 degrees."
  • Turn a fan off, low, medium, and high. "Ok Google, turn the living room fan to medium."

Who can use this?

Anyone with an active MobiLinc X or MobiLinc Connect account, Google Home or a device with the Google Assistant like the Pixel phone, and an ISY-994x controller.

What do I need?

The following is needed:

1. MobiLinc X, MobiLinc HD, MobiLinc Pro, or Orchestrated MobiLinc for iOS or Android.
2. Active MobiLinc Connect account and an ISY series controller running firmware 4.6.2 or later with the MobiLinc Connect portal installed and connected to your MobiLinc Connect account via the MobiLinc app.
3. Google Home or a device with the Google Assistant like the Pixel phone or an Android phone with Android 6.0+.

Setup Guide:

Please follow these steps to connect your ISY to the Google Assistant through MobiLinc Connect:

Install MobiLinc Connect:
1. Install the MobiLinc Connect portal in your ISY-994x by opening the Admin Console from a PC/MAC and going to Help->Purchase Modules.
2. Once installed and the ISY reboots, open MobiLinc X, subscribe and log into your MobiLinc Connect account. For MobiLinc Pro, HD, or Orchestrated MobiLinc go to Settings->Lighting Controller->Host Type and select "MobiLinc Connect".
3. Select "Create a New Account" and follow the directions.

Prepare your vocal names of your devices, scenes, and programs:
Many device and scene names aren't written in a way that's easily spoken or written as simple English text. For example, a device may be named "office.1.upstairs". This name will not work with voice recognition. To get around this please follow these steps:
1. Use the ISY's Admin Console and right-click on your device or scene and select "Notes".
2. Under the "Spoken" field enter in simple English to describe your device/scene. For example: "Upstairs Office".
3. Programs: Programs saved in a folder named
"Voice" will be pulled into Google Assistant. Make sure the name of the program is written in plain speakable English.
4. After making any changes to the Spoken Notes field or changing the name of your voice programs, click the "Save" button on the Programs tab. This applies even if you ONLY change the spoken names of a device or scene.
5. Wait at least 5 minutes after clicking "Save". During this time MobiLinc Connect is syncing the changes back to our servers. You can watch the front of the ISY for when the activity lights stop blinking.
6. After 5 minutes, changes are automatically synced back to Google Assistant. You can also say "Ok Google, sync my devices" to have Google Assistant to pull in the changes manually.

Enable MobiLinc Home Control for the Google Assistant:
1. Open the Google Home app on your iOS/Android device and select "Settings" under the "Home" section.
2. Tap "More Settings"
3. Select "Assistant"
4. Select "Home control"
5. Tap the "+" in the bottom right corner.
6. Search for MobiLinc Connect.
7. The Google Home app will prompt for your MobiLinc Connect email address and your MobiLinc Connect password.
8. Once verified, select which ISY on your MobiLinc Connect account you would like to connect to the Google Assistant.
9. Once linked, MobiLinc will send your vocal device list to the Google Assistant.

Voice Command Guide for MobiLinc:

Once MobiLinc Connect is connected and synced with the Google Assistant, you can issue the following voice commands:

Devices: Example "Kitchen"
"Ok Google, turn kitchen off."
"Ok Google, turn kitchen on."
"Ok Google, set kitchen to 50 percent."
"Ok Google, dim the kitchen."
"Ok Google, brighten the kitchen."
"Ok Google, is my kitchen lights on?"

Rooms: Example "Bedroom"
"Ok Google, turn all the Bedroom lights off."
"Ok Google, turn all the Bedroom lights on."

Scenes: Example "Dining Room"
"Ok Google, turn dining room on."
"Ok Google, turn dining room off."

Programs: Example "Irrigation"
"Ok Google, turn irrigation on." (Runs the Then path)
"Ok Google, turn irrigation off." (Runs the Else path)

Fans: Example "Living Room" FanLinc
"Ok Google, turn the living room fan to off."
"Ok Google, turn the living room fan to low."
"Ok Google, turn the living room fan to medium."
"Ok Google, turn the living room fan to high."
"Ok Google, what's the living room fan speed?"
"Ok Google, what's the fan speed?"

Thermostats: Example "Upstairs"
"Ok Google, set upstairs to mode (off | heat | cool | heat-cool)."
"Ok Google, set upstairs to 72 degrees."
"Ok Google, set heating to 68 degrees."
"Ok Google, set cooling to 74 degrees."
"Ok Google, increase the upstairs temperature by 2 degrees."
"Ok Google, decrease the upstairs temperature by 5 degrees."
"Ok Google, what is the temperature upstairs?"

"Ok Google, turn everything off."
"Ok Google, turn everything on."
"Ok Google, turn on all the lights."


Please follow these steps to troubleshoot Google Assistant connection and syncing issues:

ISY and Admin Console:
1. Open the Admin Console from a PC/MAC and confirm that under the "Config" tab, the MobiLinc Portal is connected.
2. Go to Help->About and confirm that the UI and firmware versions both match the latest official firmware 4.7.3. If not, please
update both the firmware and UI to the latest versions.
3. After updating your firmware and UI, set or reset the Spoken names to your devices and scenes under the Notes option for the device/scene. If you updated the UI to match the firmware, it's critical that the spoken names are re-entered again.
4. On the Programs tab, create a folder named "Voice" and create or drag in your programs you want to voice control here.
5. Click the "Save" button on the Programs tab even if you don't make any changes to the program list.
6. Wait 5 minutes to allow time for MobiLinc Connect to sync changes.

Google Assistant:
1. Open Google Home and go to "Home Control".
2. Tap the "+" Button.
3. Find "MobiLinc Connect" in the list and tap it. Select "Unlink account." If you have the old "MobiLinc" action linked, unlink this old action.
4. Tap "MobiLinc Connect" again and re-link your account.

5. Verify all devices, scenes, and programs pulled in do not have names that sound similar and are all able to be spoken in plain English.