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MobiLinc and Push Notifications

With MobiLinc, your ISY-994x series controller, iOS, and MobiLinc Connect cloud service, Push notifications are now possible!

Setup custom push messages for your devices, programs, variables, and security states. See the video below for a walkthrough on setting up variables and push notifications.

Set your notifications to speak custom text using one of 45+ voices spanning different languages and accents. For example, announce when a door is opened or when your security system is disarmed instead of the default notification chime.

Push Notification How-To Walkthrough for Variables:


MobiLinc and Push Notifications feature the following:
  • Supports devices - ON/OFF/Percent. Choose a device under My Devices and go to "Advanced Options->Notifications"
  • Supports programs - TRUE/FALSE/RUNNING THEN/RUNNING ELSE. Choose a program and go to "Advanced Options->Notifications"
  • Supports variables - Notify on specific value for state/integer variables. Choose a variable, tap it, and select "Configure Notification"
  • Supports Security States - Example: Burglar Alarm, Armed, Disarmed, etc per area. Go to "My Settings->Security Settings->Notifications"
  • Option to turn individual notification sounds ON or OFF.
  • Option to speak the message instead of the default ding notification sound.
  • Custom messaging.
  • Edit, import, delete notifications from one device to another device.
  • Supports up to 20 notifications per ISY controller. Contact us to expand the upper limit for your ISY.
  • Supports Cellular and Wi-Fi devices. While text messaging requires a cell plan, PUSH Notifications does not require a cell plan.

Who can use this?

Users with the following devices:

What do I need?

The following is needed:

1. MobiLinc HD, MobiLinc Pro, or Orchestrated MobiLinc for iOS.
2. Active MobiLinc Connect account and an ISY series controller.
3. Compatible device (see above).

NOTE: Notifications for MobiLinc must be enabled in the iOS Settings App for MobiLinc to receive Notifications. To turn on, go to the iOS Settings App->Notification Center, find MobiLinc in the list and turn on Notifications.

See our Q and A page for troubleshooting suggestions if having trouble receiving Push notifications.