MobiLincTake Control of Your Home

Getting Started with MobiLinc


MobiLinc offers an interface for your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Android Powered devices to control lights, thermostats, irrigation, garage door, and other devices in your home. However, MobiLinc can't work alone to make all this happen. Special hardware is required to bridge control from the mobile device to the devices in your home.

Don't despair! It's easier than you think.

For our iOS Universal Remote control customers, please see
MobiLinc Remote.

If you only have IP Camera's monitoring your home, baby, or business see our
MobiLinc Cam Viewer page for our feature rich, dedicated IP Camera viewer iOS app.

Quick Setup

MobiLinc X is our newest app for your ISY-994i series controller. Simply download MobiLinc X for iOS or Android and pick your feature tier you'd like to try for free for 14-days. MobiLinc X will help you get your ISY connected to our MobiLinc Connect platform if it isn't already connected.