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MobiLinc X for iOS and Android

"I just renewed or signed up for MobiLinc Connect for my MobiLinc Pro, HD, or Orchestrated MobiLinc app, and I want to switch to MobiLinc X."

If you renewed or signed up for MobiLinc Connect in the last 30 days and wish to switch to MobiLinc X, please use the Contact Us link on our website to let us know so we can refund your MobiLinc Connect purchase if made via PayPal.

MobiLinc Pro, HD, and Orchestrated MobiLinc will continue to work as-is with MobiLinc Connect and will continue to work through MobiLinc Connect if you move to a MobiLinc X subscription. If you are a lifetime member to MobiLinc Pro, HD, or Orchestrated MobiLinc, that service will continue as designed for MobiLinc Pro, HD, and Orchestrated MobiLinc.

"I'm currently using ISY Portal, can I use MobiLinc X?"

MobiLinc X is tightly integrated into our MobiLinc Connect servers to enable features like instant startup for status and control, Custom Buttons, Family Management, as well as real-time settings syncing between all your iOS and Android devices. To make this all work, the ISY must be connected to us through our MobiLinc Portal. To switch, please contact UDI Support with your ISY's UUID to switch from ISY Portal to the MobiLinc Portal.

MobiLinc X does offer a direct IP/UDI Portal In-app purchase option instead of a subscription for those that require cloud polyglot from UDI. Keep in mind that this is a no-cloud option and you won't have access to any of the MobiLinc X specific cloud features like instant on/no ISY syncing, Custom Buttons, Family Management, and more cloud only features of MobiLinc X.

"Can I still use MobiLinc Pro, HD, or Orchestrated MobiLinc?"

Yes! Any ISY you add to your MobiLinc X subscription is covered for MobiLinc Connect. MobiLinc X's subscription includes all service fees for MobiLinc Connect which means, you can continue to use MobiLinc Pro, HD, or Orchestrated MobiLinc and your MobiLinc Connect account to access your ISY with these apps.

"How do I hide items in MobiLinc X?"

MobiLinc X will hide anything that starts with a tilde. For example, let's say you want to hide "Dining Room Remote" light switch. Use MobiLinc X and rename it to: "~Dining Room Remote" and MobiLinc X will hide this item.

To show all items, go to Settings->Current Account->Tap ISY for options->Tap the three dots for more settings->"Show Hidden Items."

"How do I add family members to access my ISY?"

For Family members, you'll need to have the Family tier subscription. Once subscribed to the Family tier, you can add/delete family members under Settings->Current Account->Tap ISY for options->Tap Users for options->Add/Delete your users as Admin users or Users.

Once added, have your family member download MobiLinc X for their iOS or Android device for free. On the launch screen tap the scan QR code button.

On your MobiLinc X, select the user to show the QR Code to your family member's MobiLinc X camera.

Once scanned, your family member will be added with instant access to your ISY.

"My MobiLinc Connect subscription is about to expire, what do you recommend?"

Now is the perfect time to try out MobiLinc X! It's free for 14 days. Just download MobiLinc X for your mobile device, pick your subscription plan to try, and log in with your MobiLinc Connect account.

"I'm new to MobiLinc X what do I need?"

The only pre-requisite is that your ISY has the MobiLinc Portal installed. Even if you download MobiLinc X and start the sign-up process without the MobiLinc Portal installed in your ISY, MobiLinc X will walk you through the steps including sending you detailed email instructions on how to get your ISY connected.

Make sure your ISY is running firmware 4.7.3 or later or 5.0.14 or later.

"Will my IP Cameras work with MobiLinc X?"

MobiLinc X supports ONVIF certified cameras. ONVIF is a camera standard for client network discovery and interfacing/streaming with network cameras among other features. MobiLinc X conforms to the ONVIF spec to auto-find your cameras and connect with just a username and password. It's by far the easiest way to get connected to a camera since there's zero configuration for local access.

Most recent cameras in the last few years have some ONVIF compliance or advertise ONVIF compliance. If you want to check if your particular camera and (more importantly) the firmware version your camera is running is ONVIF certified, you can search here:

Application Type: "Device"
Profile: S

And search for your manufacturer. If your camera/brand/firmware combination doesn't appear on the list, it may still comply with ONVIF standards and work with MobiLinc X, but your mileage may vary.

Since ONVIF uses multicast discovery, some Android devices have multicast networking disabled at the kernel level. Instead, you can tap the "+" button to manually add in your ONVIF camera and get connected that way if your Android device refuses to discover these.

"I'm looking for a specific feature in MobiLinc X, but I don't see it yet."

Go to Settings->Feature Requests in MobiLinc X to Upvote the features you want to see next in MobiLinc X. If you don't see the feature you want listed, contact us to let us know what you'd like to see in MobiLinc X!

"How do I add or change spoken names for Alexa or Google Home?"

Select your device or scene and tap the edit button. Select "Set Spoken Name" to set/change your spoken name. If you have Alexa, as soon as you set or change your spoken name you'll get a notification from the Alexa app confirming the change.

MobiLinc Pro, HD, Orchestrated MobiLinc

"MobiLinc is unable to connect via a direct IP over HTTPS (externally) to my ISY."

Apple removed support in iOS 9 for older (insecure) ciphers/handshake methods in HTTPS. The supported handshake methods are TLS 1.1 and above.

In order to allow iOS 9+ to handshake with the ISY over HTTPS,
the ISY must be running firmware 4.5.4 or later and configured through the ISY Dashboard to support TLS 1.1 or above.

"Does MobiLinc support multiple controllers?"

Yes! MobiLinc supports a virtual unlimited number of ISY/SmartLinc controllers.

For iOS devices, go to My Settings->Selected Profile. Tap the "+" button to add in another profile.

For Android devices, go to My Settings. Perform a long press on the Selected Profile row and select "Create a new profile".

"What's the difference between Orchestrated MobiLinc and MobiLinc HD?"

Orchestrated MobiLinc supports the ISY only and comes with the Resource Manager plug-in built into the app. With MobiLinc HD, Resource Manager is an optional plug-in.

Resource Manager allows you to setup custom timers and auto-off times for devices and scenes. It also allows you to tie motion detectors to your devices and scenes to turn them on automatically when motion is detected at night.

MobiLinc converts all settings into ISY programs and writes them to the ISY to execute 24/7. MobiLinc does not need to be running for the ISY programs to execute.

If you intend on sharing the app with your family consider the following:
If you know you want the Resource Manager functionality, go for the Orchestrated MobiLinc version as you'll be able to fully share this with other's on your iOS 8 family sharing plan. If you go with MobiLinc HD and then purchase the plug-in, Apple currently does not allow plugins to be shared with family members.

"What does MobiLinc HD do on the iPhone?"

MobiLinc HD is a universal app that will run on all your iOS devices. When running on the iPhone MobiLinc HD looks and acts just like MobiLinc Pro.

If you have multiple iOS devices or are planning on purchasing an iPad, MobiLinc HD is the recommended app. Buy once and install on all your iOS devices.

"Can I install my one paid app on multiple mobile devices?"

Yes, with the following considerations:

App purchases are licensed to the platform the license was purchased under. So, if purchasing MobiLinc for iOS you can install MobiLinc on iOS devices. If purchased for Android, you can install to Android devices.

For iOS users: Apps purchased for iOS can be shared to other iOS devices if the iOS device uses the same iTunes account as what was used to purchase the original app.


If the other iOS device/iTunes account is a member of your iOS Family Sharing plan, then you can share apps. Keep in mind that with Family Sharing, only the base app can be shared. Plug-ins cannot be shared under Family Sharing. More information about Family Sharing can be found on Apple's website here:

For Android users: Apps purchased for Android can be shared to other Android devices that use the same Google ID or for those on your Google Family Library plan.

"How do I reinstall MobiLinc to my mobile device?"

iOS Users - Open the App Store app and go to the "Purchased" area to download your paid apps. Please make sure you are using the same iTunes account used to purchase MobiLinc initially.

Android Users - Please see the Google Play help page for reinstalling your paid Google Play apps

"How do I get back a hidden device in MobiLinc?"

- Go to Settings->Lighting Controller->Hidden Items.
- Tap Edit to select which items to restore.

- Go to Settings->MobiLinc Settings.
- Turn on the "Show Hidden Items" option.
- Find your device that was previously hidden and long press it until the pop-up menu appears. About 2 seconds.
- Select "Unhide This Device".

"Will MobiLinc support my IP Camera?"

Probably. MobiLinc (iOS) supports thousands of cameras from several hundred IP Camera manufacturers. If your camera supports JPEG, MJPEG, or RTSP video streaming, MobiLinc will very likely support your camera.

If you find that MobiLinc isn't connecting to your camera, please try all profiles offered under the setup pages.

If you are unable to get MobiLinc talking to your IP Camera, please feel free to
contact us with your camera details, including the external IP address, port, and a test username and password, and we'll be happy to take a look and see if we can get it supported for you.

"How do I connect to my IP Camera outside of my network?"

For external access to your camera, you'll need to port forward your camera through your router. Please see this
post on how to do this.

Please make sure to change the default username and password when configuring remote access. Leaving the manufacturer's default username and password is a security risk.

Please note that our MobiLinc Connect cloud service is designed for the ISY series only. Camera's require a direct IP connection.

"How do I remove the red banner at the top of the screen when voice control is on and MobiLinc is running in the background?"

If voice control is left on when MobiLinc transitions to running in the background of your iOS device, iOS will turn the top status display banner to the color red indicating that the mic is on. This red banner is controlled by iOS and cannot be changed or adjusted by any app accessing the microphone.

"How do I setup Push Notifications?"

You can find out more about Push Notifications on our
Push Notifications page.

"How do I upgrade MobiLinc Pro to MobiLinc HD or Orchestrated MobiLinc for iOS?"

With iOS 8, iTunes introduced App Bundles to allow developers to bundle multiple apps for purchase at a discount. One of the features is if you already have an app in the bundle, you can "complete" the bundle for the difference in price.

We offer two discounted bundles for our MobiLinc Pro users looking to upgrade to an iPad UI solution:

MobiLinc HD Bundle
Orchestrated MobiLinc Bundle

Please be aware that Apple does not allow plug-ins purchased in one app to transfer to another app. Any plug-ins purchased in MobiLinc Pro would need to be purchased again under MobiLinc HD or Orchestrated MobiLinc.

"I'm having trouble with Alexa and MobiLinc Connect."

"I'm getting an error message that says MobiLinc can't reach my ISY through MobiLinc Connect or there's a pop-up message saying that my ISY is disconnected, what should I do?"

First, please make sure you are running the latest ISY firmware. To upgrade, log into the ISY's Admin Console and go to Help->Automatically Update.

If you continue to have issues, this can happen in cases where the ISY's internet access or power has been interrupted. Once the local network, internet access, and power is restored to the ISY, the ISY will automatically attempt to reconnect to our servers.

If you continue to have this problem, please the following:

- Please see this post:
- If your ISY is DHCP IP assigned (default) please reboot your network equipment including your router and modem, and then reboot your ISY. Wait 5 minutes and try MobiLinc again.
- If your ISY is fixed IP assigned, please use the Google Open DNS IP for the ISY's DNS IP address:
- If you have any port forward rules setup in your router that point to the ISY, please turn these off.
- If you open the ISY’s Admin Console and go to Help->About and see that “Internet Access” is “Enabled”, go to File->Disable Internet Access to turn off. This is a UPnP feature that is opening up a port forward rule in the router. This should be “Disabled” for MobiLinc Connect.
- If you’ve installed the UDI Portal, you’ll need to contact Universal Devices support ( to have them remove the UDI Portal and re-install the MobiLinc Connect portal to your ISY.

If after performing the above your ISY does not reconnect, please send us the following to our support email (link at the bottom):
- A screenshot of the ISY’s Admin Console->Help->About page.
- The ISY’s Error Log

"Is the MobiLinc Connect cloud service required for my ISY?"

MobiLinc Connect is our cloud service that makes connecting to your ISY-994x series controller dead easy both in and out of your home, no networking knowledge required. It's free for 30-days to try. If you like it we invite you to subscribe to one of our plans. The fee goes toward our server and bandwidth expenses to maintain and host your ISY and MobiLinc in the cloud.

For those that are comfortable with networking, port forwarding, firewall considerations, and fixed IPs, direct access from MobiLinc to your ISY is still fully supported in MobiLinc, no subscription is necessary. Keep in mind there is a risk by port forwarding and exposing your internal network to the internet. With MobiLinc Connect, you do not have to expose your internal network.

If you are interested in Amazon Alexa, MobiLinc's iOS
Today View Widget support or push notifications for your devices, programs, variables, and security states (iOS only, Android coming soon), MobiLinc Connect is required.

"How do I subscribe to MobiLinc Connect?"

iOS Users: Open MobiLinc and go to Settings->Lighting Controller->Status->Subscription Options.

Android Users: Open MobiLinc and go to My Settings->Lighting Controller Settings->License Management.

Android users that purchased through the MobiLinc Store or BlackBerry users, please
subscribe online here.

"How do I add a second ISY to my MobiLinc Connect account?"

To link an additional ISY to your MobiLinc Connect account, please follow these steps:
- In the Admin Console for your ISY, install the MobiLinc Portal (Help->Purchase/Manage Modules).
- After the ISY installs the portal and reboots, open MobiLinc.
- Go to your second ISY profile in MobiLinc and go to Settings->Lighting Controller->Host Type.
- Select MobiLinc Connect.
- In the pop-up, select "I Already Have an Account".
- Enter in your MobiLinc Connect email, MobiLinc Connect password, and your second ISY's UUID.
- Tap "Associate New ISY with Account".

"My Push Notifications stopped working, what can I do to troubleshoot?"

Follow this checklist of steps to verify your setup is configured properly for PUSH notifications:

Notifications for MobiLinc must be enabled in the iOS Settings App for MobiLinc to receive Notifications. To turn on, go to the iOS Settings App->Notification Center, find MobiLinc in the list and turn on Notifications.
2. Open MobiLinc and verify MobiLinc is communicating to your ISY through MobiLinc Connect by going to Settings->Lighting Controller and verifying the Host Type is set to MobiLinc Connect.
3. Verify you can use MobiLinc to turn on/off your devices/scenes/programs and see updated status in real-time.
4. Verify that your iOS device is not in "Do Not Disturb" mode.
5. If you have a notification that still does not fire, remove the notification under Settings->Notification Settings and recreate.

If the above does not resolve your PUSH Notification issue, then please try this procedure as suggested by Apple support:
1. Delete MobiLinc.
2. Turn the iOS device OFF then back ON.
3. Manually change the date forward by one day.
4. Turn the iOS device OFF then back ON.
5. Reset the date/time back to today.
6. Reinstall MobiLinc.
7. Log back into your MobiLinc Connect account.
8. Create a new PUSH Notification and confirm that your iOS device receives it.
9. If the above does not work, if possible, repeat the process on a cell connection, only logging into Wi-Fi to download MobiLinc in step 6. All other steps should be performed on a cell connection.

These steps were suggested by one of our users:
1. Delete MobiLinc
2. Reboot iOS Device
3. Sign out of iTunes
4. Reboot iOS Device
5. Sign into iTunes using the same iTunes account that was used to purchase MobiLinc
6. Reboot iOS Device
7. Reinstall MobiLinc from the App Store->Purchased area
8. Reboot iOS device
9. Start MobiLinc and sign into your MobiLinc Connect account
10. When prompted, accept Push Notifications from MobiLinc

"I have some question about geo-fencing. Where can I get more information?"

You can find out more about geo-fencing and MobiLinc on our
Geo-fence Awareness page.

"Does MobiLinc support Wi-Fi based thermostats like the NEST?"

MobiLinc supports INSTEON or Z-Wave based thermostats. Wi-Fi thermostats are currently not supported.

The NEST team recently announced support for a developer API. Stay tuned to our
Facebook page for any new feature or release announcements.

"I'm using Android 5.x and MobiLinc is unable to connect via a direct IP over HTTPS (externally) to my ISY."

Google removed many older HTTPS cipher methods from Android 5.x. As a result, the default security configuration of the ISY became unsupported by Android 5. Universal Devices released a firmware update for ISY-994i users here that addresses the issue.
Please update your ISY firmware to 4.2.30 or later.

"I have questions about the Extended Screens plug-in (Apple Watch/Today View)."

Please see our Support Questions on the
Extended Screens page.