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How To: Configure the Username/Password to SDM and MobiLinc

PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:40 am
by AdminWes
The SDM software from that communicates to the PowerLinc 2414 can be configured to require a Username and Password when connecting from MobiLinc on the iPod Touch or iPhone. Follow these steps:

On the Windows-based PC running SDM:
- Open the SDM software and click on the "General Log" Tab.
- Type "dm" from the keyboard to have the SDM Console appear.
- Type "setAuthUsername=<username>" Replace <username> with your username.
- Type "setAuthPassword=<password>" Replace <password> with your password.

MobiLinc HD:
- Tap the settings icon in the lower-right corner (the icon that looks like a wrench).
- Tap "Lighting Controller"
- Enter the same username and password from above into the username and password fields of MobiLinc HD.