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GW Security System DVR With RTSP

PostPosted: Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:54 pm
by 631Drew
Hello Wes,

I recently changed my system to a GW Security 16 channel system and the app says it's compatible but I must be doing something wrong with configuring it. I've confirmed my ports are open but I still can't connect. My link is supposed to be:
Analog Setup rtsp://IP:Port/chA/B
IP Setup rtsp://IP:port/ipA/B
A:01(ch1), 02(ch2)
B:0 (main stream) 1(sub stream)

Seems very straightforward but not working. I've tried with my IP address and my DDNS address and neither are working for me. Any suggestions?


Re: GW Security System DVR With RTSP

PostPosted: Wed Apr 26, 2017 9:19 am
by AdminWes
Hi 631Drew,

Thank you for the RTSP links. I've added the IP Setup RTSP path to MobiLinc for you.

Open MobiLinc and go to your camera settings.
Select "Camera Type"
Tap "Refresh"
Verify version 267 or later is installed.
Select "GW Security" from the list
Confirm your IP address and RTSP Port and Channel Number (01, 02, etc) in your MobiLinc Camera settings.
On the RTSP Setup page, Profile 3 matches: rtsp://IP:Port/ipA/0
Profile 4 matches: rtsp://IP:Port/ipA/1

If you can't get this working, please send me your external IP, RTSP port, and a username/password to: so I can connect from the lab and investigate.


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