MobiLincTake Control of Your Home

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MobiLinc X

MobiLinc X is our newest, modern app for your ISY-994i controller built with speed, security, and your family in mind. Get started with a free 14-day trial!

MobiLinc X features:

  • iOS and Android are identical.
  • Supports INSTEON and Z-Wave devices with the ISY-994i Series Controller.
  • Supports Lights, Thermostats, Garage Doors, Doors, Outlets, Irrigation, Leak Sensors, Motion, Scenes, Programs, Variables, Fans, Rooms, and Weather.
  • Instant startup status and control of any device, scene, program, variable, or security item.
  • Video and Audio streaming for ONVIF certified cameras.
  • ELK Security Support.
  • Supports full ISY configuration including creating/editing/deleting rooms, devices, scenes. Admin Console is not required.
  • Supports Family Management with creating admin and user accounts. Accounts are shared with a QR Code. No usernames/passwords are necessary to get family members connected.
  • Admin Users have full control and can edit/change/delete items.
  • User accounts can control items only. User accounts can not edit.
  • Supports up to two ISYs.
  • Add/Change/Delete Alexa or Google Home spoken names right from the app. Quickly see and manage all your spoken items in one view.
  • Feature Request: Upvote and suggest new features. See what we're working on next and vote for the next feature to get added to MobiLinc X.
  • Full integration with our MobiLinc IFTTT channel supporting notifications, geo-fencing, thousands of devices and services, and more!
  • Alexa Smart Home integration supported.
  • Google Home/Google Assistant integration supported.

MobiLinc X Compatibility

Mobile Device Support:
  • All iOS 12+ iPhones.
  • All Android 7.0 and up phones.

Works with:
  • All ISY Series Controllers, INSTEON and Z-WAVE (ISY-994i). Firmware 4.7.3 or later or 5.0.14 or later is required.
  • MobiLinc X requires your ISY-994i have our MobiLinc Portal module installed. To install, open the Admin Console and go to Help->Purchase Modules to install the MobiLinc Portal and then Help->Manage Modules. Do not install the UDI/ISY Portal as MobiLinc X will not work with the UDI/ISY Portal. If you've installed the UDI/ISY Portal, please contact UDI Support to have them remove the UDI/ISY Portal and install the MobiLinc Portal for your ISY.

Technology Supported:
  • X10
  • Z-Wave (Requires ISY-994i ZW series controller)

MobiLinc X Details

MobiLinc X is a free app to download for iOS and Android and try out for free for 14-days, no commitment.

When starting MobiLinc X, you pick one of three subscription tiers of service depending on what features you need for your ISY and your family.

No additional fees, hidden charges, or in-app purchases. Just one, simple subscription for all features at the tier level. Cancel or upgrade at any time.

Access Tier:

  • 14 Day Free Trial
  • Supports one ISY Hub
  • Easy local and remote access
  • Quick device status and control
  • Configure devices and scenes
  • Integration with Alexa and Google Assistant
Connected Tier:
  • All Access Features
  • ONVIF Certified IP Cameras
  • IFTTT Integration
  • Push Notifications
  • Geo-fence Location Triggers
Family Tier:
  • All Connected Features
  • ELK Security
  • Family Management
  • Two ISY Controllers
  • Cloud Events

Upgrading from MobiLinc Pro/HD or Orchestrated MobiLinc?

If you are an existing MobiLinc Pro/HD or Orchestrated MobiLinc user for iOS or Android, upgrading to MobiLinc X is quick and easy.

Download MobiLinc X and pick your feature/subscription tier.
Log in with your MobiLinc Connect account if you already have one or create a new account if you've never used MobiLinc Connect before.
Add your ISY to your MobiLinc X subscription. MobiLinc X will help you get your ISY added if your ISY isn't connected to our MobiLinc Connect platform.

MobiLinc X is a superset of all features/services offered previously under MobiLinc Pro/HD/OML and MobiLinc Connect. Any ISY you add under your MobiLinc X subscription is enabled for MobiLinc Connect. Meaning you can still use MobiLinc Pro/HD/OML to connect with your ISY using your MobiLinc Connect account.

If you currently have a PayPal subscription for MobiLinc Connect, please log into your PayPal account to cancel your MobiLinc Connect subscription after signing up for MobiLinc X.