MobiLincTake Control of Your Home

Making Your Home "Smart"


By default, most homes come with simple switches and devices that can control their respective lights and appliances, however they are unable to communicate with anything else in the home. There are a number of technologies that have been created over the last 30 years to address the communication problem. Here are the communication technologies that MobiLinc is compatible with:

Universal Remote Control: See
MobiLinc Remote.
INSTEON: INSTEON enabled devices can communicate using digital signals to other INSTEON and X10 based devices via the power line and RF. RF and power line capable devices are called Dual-Band INSTEON devices.
X10: X10 devices are analog devices that communicate via the power line.
Z-Wave: Z-Wave devices communicate to other Z-Wave devices via RF.

Required Hardware

Mobile devices stay connected to the internet through your home's Wi-Fi connection or cellular connection. In order to bridge the wireless network signal from your mobile device to communicate with lights and devices in your home, a network controller is required. There are several types of network controllers and technologies available. Here are the network controllers that MobiLinc can interface with:

Universal Remote Control: See
MobiLinc Remote.

INSTEON, Z-Wave, and X10 based Technology:
- All Universal Devices ISY Series controllers.