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Energy Management


With MobiLinc, MobiLinc Connect, and your ISY-994x series controller, energy monitoring and data analysis has never been easier.

View and email real-time energy consumption and historical graphs ranging from the previous 2 hours of energy demand to 1 year of energy consumption.


Utilizing our MobiLinc Connect service and a powerful built-in charting package, MobiLinc offers the following features for energy analysis:
  • Real-time energy instant demand by channel in kW.
  • Previous 2 hours of energy demand by channel in kW.
  • Previous 24 hours, 30 days, and 1 year of energy consumption by channel in kWh.
  • Email capability to email out rendered charts and associated data points by channel in a CSV file.
  • Channel selection. Hide or show channels as needed.
  • Charts are interactive. Pinch and zoom into the data for closer inspection.
  • Option to auto-calculate "other energy" channel from whole building channel minus monitored sub loads.
  • Option to set the "max" kW value for the speedometer.

Who can use this?

Targeted toward commercial properties, large residential properties, apartment complexes, rental properties, and other large buildings, MobiLinc's energy service tracks over a year's worth of energy use for analysis through MobiLinc HD, MobiLinc Pro, and Orchestrated MobiLinc for iOS.

Anyone interested in energy management and analysis ranging from real-time energy consumption to 1 year of historical data can use our service. If you need longer historical charts, please contact us to share your project's requirements.

What do I need?

Built on top of our MobiLinc Connect service, the following is needed to get started:

1. MobiLinc HD, MobiLinc Pro, or Orchestrated MobiLinc for iOS.
2. MobiLinc Connect account.
3. ISY-994i Series Controller with Zigbee and internet access.
4. Compatible Zigbee energy device(s) paired with the ISY. Compatible energy devices include:
  • Brultech ECM-1240 (Zigbee version)
  • Brultech GreenEye
  • iTron and other Zigbee smart energy electric meters (check with your utility company)
  • Universal Devices EM3
5. Energy Subscription service for MobiLinc Connect; purchased inside of the MobiLinc app for iOS as a yearly add-on to your MobiLinc Connect account.

How does this work and is it secure?

Our energy monitoring service is built to complement our MobiLinc Connect cloud service. We record energy data being reported by the ISY into our secure cloud database for access through your MobiLinc Connect account and the iOS apps.

All this happens in real-time. With MobiLinc connected to your ISY through our service you'll get a real-time feed of the previous two hours of energy demand plus real-time updates of your energy use. You will also get access to historical energy use in kWh by channel going back over a year.

All data exchanged between the ISY and our cloud servers is encrypted over HTTPS. Your energy data is stored protected in our locally controlled energy database only accessible by your MobiLinc Connect account. All data between MobiLinc and our MobiLinc Connect service is authenticated with your MobiLinc Connect credentials and that data is encrypted and digitally signed.

What does this service cost?

Available to MobiLinc Connect users, the energy monitoring service is $99.99/year and comes with all the above features for real-time updates, historical energy analysis, and email reporting (charts and CSV data points).

To purchase, open MobiLinc and go to My Settings->Lighting Controller->Status->Subscription Options.
Select "Add Yearly Energy Monitoring" and then tap "Proceed to Purchase".

Once purchased, and the connected ISY meets the requirements under the "What do I need?" section above, the additional charting features will be available on the My Energy page.

Contact us for volume pricing and for more information!