MobiLincTake Control of Your Home

$49.99 per Year
MobiLinc Pro, HD, and Orchestrated only

ISY's UUID (00:21:b9:xx:xx:xx)
MobiLinc Connect Email Address


Lifetime Access for $299.99
MobiLinc Pro, HD, and Orchestrated only
ISY's UUID (00:21:b9:xx:xx:xx)
MobiLinc Connect Email Address

MobiLinc Connect: Stay Connected From Anywhere

Control your home from anywhere in the world.

MobiLinc Connect makes it easy to connect to your home reliably and securely from anywhere your mobile device has internet access. Turn the thermostat down before coming home from work or open the garage door for a family member or friend. Forgot to turn a light off before leaving? No problem. MobiLinc Connect extends the power of MobiLinc to anywhere you go.

MobiLinc Connect also supports custom and voice
PUSH Notification messages for your devices, programs, variables, and security states. Receive push messages on your iOS devices* in real-time. For example:
  • You can setup a notification to be notified when your ELK security panel is armed, disarmed, or tripped.
  • You can setup a notification for when your INSTEON Water leak detectors trip.
  • You can setup a notification if your garage door is open for longer than 5 minutes.
  • You can setup a notification when your kids arrive home from school by monitoring the door locks, sensors, or ELK arming status.

In addition to Push Notifications, here are the other features of the MobiLinc Connect subscription for your ISY:

*Android users: PUSH Notifications are supported with the
MobiLinc IFTTT Channel.

MobiLinc X Users: MobiLinc X's app subscription includes the MobiLinc Connect service for your ISY. If you are upgrading from our existing MobiLinc Pro/HD/OML and MobiLinc Connect, please log into your PayPal account to cancel your MobiLinc Connect subscription as MobiLinc X includes all MobiLinc Connect service fees for your ISY.

It's Easy

If you already have a MobiLinc INSTEON setup at home with an ISY-994i series controller from Universal Devices, it only takes a few minutes to create an account to connect your MobiLinc app to your home.


The MobiLinc Connect Service was created to give ISY-994i series users a reliable way to always connect to their ISY using MobiLinc no matter where in the world they may be.

Up till now it required someone with a good tech savvy background to setup the home network to make the ISY available from outside of the home. Even if one could get the internal network setup properly there are a number of problems introduced by the internet service provider changing the home's IP address from time to time. Not to mention all the network IP changes that happen on a power outage.

MobiLinc Connect was created to solve all of these connection issues and make it seamless to you. For our networking savvy customers that wish to continue to connect directly to their ISY-994i series controllers we will continue to support the direct connect method with the ISY's IP address in addition to the new MobiLinc Connect service.

Since the launch of MobiLinc Connect in 2012, we've grown the service to connect your ISY and your home to popular cloud services like Alexa, Google Home/Assistant, and IFTTT.

How Does it Work?

The core of MobiLinc Connect is a cloud based computing platform created by us for ISY-994i series controllers. In a nutshell, if both the ISY and MobiLinc have a network connection to the internet, they meet and connect in our cloud servers to talk to each other. Since the MobiLinc Connect servers are at a known internet location, both MobiLinc and the ISY can move anywhere in the world and can connect to each other.

There are two parts to making this work: The ISY and MobiLinc.

The ISY needs to be running the latest official firmware release. If you haven't upgraded your ISY firmware yet, we recommend that you do so. Also required is the MobiLinc Connect module for the ISY. You can find our guide to installing the module here by clicking

The second part is MobiLinc. Using the latest version of MobiLinc from the App Store or Google Play create a MobiLinc Connect account to connect to your ISY. During the registration process your account will be registered with our cloud servers to connect to your ISY device.

How Do I Create a MobiLinc Connect Account?

MobiLinc Connect is currently available for ISY-994i series users and iOS or Android devices running MobiLinc X, MobiLinc HD, MobiLinc Pro, or Orchestrated MobiLinc.

MobiLinc X Users (Recommended):
Open MobiLinc X and pick your feature tier to try for free for 14-days.
Log into your MobiLinc Connect account or create a new MobiLinc Connect account.
MobiLinc X will then help you add your ISY to your MobiLinc X subscription.

MobiLinc Pro, HD, and Orchestrated MobiLinc app Users:

Existing MobiLinc Users:

As an existing user you have two options. Create a new Profile or upgrade your current profile to use MobiLinc Connect.

To create a new Profile go to My Settings->Selected Profile and tap the "+" button in the upper right corner. After Profile creation, MobiLinc will auto-search for your ISY on your local network. If MobiLinc finds an ISY device, MobiLinc will display the MobiLinc Connect registration popup.

If MobiLinc does not automatically display the MobiLinc Connect popup OR if you want to upgrade your current profile to use MobiLinc Connect, launch MobiLinc and go to My Settings->Lighting Controller->Host Type and select MobiLinc Connect. MobiLinc will then display the MobiLinc Connect registration popup.

New MobiLinc Users:
The easiest way get started is to launch MobiLinc while on your local Wi-Fi network where your ISY is located. On startup, MobiLinc will search for your ISY on your local network. If MobiLinc finds an ISY device, MobiLinc will display the MobiLinc Connect registration popup.

If MobiLinc does not automatically display the MobiLinc Connect popup go to My Settings->Lighting Controller->Host Type and select MobiLinc Connect. MobiLinc will then display the MobiLinc Connect registration popup.

Is This Secure?

Yes. Security and your privacy is our top focus. We implemented MobiLinc Connect using the very latest in encryption and digital signature verification techniques to protect the data stream between MobiLinc and your ISY.

As with any internet based service and mobile devices there is a risk that the mobile device is misplaced or stolen. We highly encourage MobiLinc users to turn on biometric login to their mobile devices to prevent unwanted access.

How Much Does This Cost?

MobiLinc X:
MobiLinc X is free for 14-days and includes all service fees for MobiLinc Connect.

MobiLinc Pro, HD, Orchestrated MobiLinc:
If you are using MobiLinc Pro, HD, or Orchestarted MobiLinc, MobiLinc Connect free for 30 days for a new account!

After the first 30 days, if you like using MobiLinc Connect, you have the option to continue the service at $49.99 a year per ISY or a onetime charge of $299.99 for lifetime access per ISY. You can subscribe inside of the MobiLinc apps or at the top of this page by clicking "Subscribe" or "Buy Now".

Remote Admin Console Access

Once you have a MobiLinc Connect account connected to your ISY and are under a paid subscription (note: Admin Console access is disabled during the initial free trial), you can connect to your ISY using the ISY Finder or
ISY Launcher by following these steps:

1. Find your ISY's UUID via the Admin Console under Help->About. Example: 12:34:56:78:90:12.
2. Close the Admin Console and open the ISY Launcher or ISY Finder.
3. Click "Add."
4. Enter:
https://{ISY's UUID without colons}{ISY's UUID with colons}/desc

For example, if your ISY's UUID is: 12:34:56:78:90:12, enter in the following:

5. Click Ok.
6. After a few seconds, you should see the "Type" and "Version" fields of the ISY Launcher get populated with your ISY's type and firmware version.
7. Double-click the new entry to launch the Admin Console.
8. Log in with your MobiLinc Connect email address as the username and your MobiLinc Connect password as the password.

If you are unable to connect, please verify the following:
1. Open the MobiLinc app and go to Settings->Lighting Controller->Status to verify your subscription. If your subscription is expired you can renew at the top of this page.
2. If you can't connect via the MobiLinc app, or you renewed your subscription, reboot your network equipment first, wait 5 minutes, then reboot your ISY. Wait 5 minutes and try connecting with MobiLinc and the Admin Console again.

Firewall Notes

If you use a firewall product, please whitelist the following URLs to allow your ISY to connect and remain connected to MobiLinc Connect without interruption from your firewall:

Troubleshooting the MobiLinc Connect connection

If you are unable to connect to your ISY through MobiLinc and MobiLinc Connect, please try the following if rebooting the ISY and waiting five minutes doesn’t help:

- Reboot all your network equipment, wait 5 minutes, and then reboot the ISY again. Wait five more minutes and try MobiLinc again.
- Update your ISY to the latest official ISY firmware 4.7.3:
- If you have the old ISY-99i or firmware 3.x, please see this post:
- Update your router’s firmware to the latest available from the manufacturer.
- Disable any firewall or traffic shaping features (like traffic accelerators) your router may have enabled. Once your ISY is reconnected, you can re-enable these features to test if one may be blocking your ISY.
- If your ISY is DHCP IP assigned (default), please reboot your network equipment including your router and modem, and then reboot your ISY. Wait 5 minutes and try MobiLinc again.
- If your ISY is fixed IP assigned, please use the Google Open DNS IP for the ISY's DNS IP address:
- If you have any forward port rules set up in your router that point to the ISY, please turn these off.
- If you open the ISY’s Admin Console and go to Help->About and see that “Internet Access” is “Enabled,” go to File->Disable Internet Access to turn off. This is a UPnP feature that is opening up a port forward rule in the router. This should be “Disabled” for MobiLinc Connect.
- If you’ve installed the UDI Portal, you’ll need to contact Universal Devices support ( to have them remove the UDI Portal and re-install the MobiLinc Connect portal to your ISY.
- If you've never replaced the SD Card that came with your ISY, consider replacing it with a new SD Card and restore from a known good backup.

Verify your ISY is connected:
- Open the Admin Console from a PC/MAC
- Go to the Portals tab and confirm that the Admin Console is reporting that your ISY is connected.
- Once your ISY reconnects, you can log back into MobiLinc by opening MobiLinc and go to Settings->Lighting Controller->Host Type->MobiLinc Connect. Select “I Already Have an Account” or “Create a New Account” if you don’t have a MobiLinc Connect account.

If after performing the above and your ISY does not reconnect, please send the following to
- A screenshot of the ISY’s Admin Console->Help->About page.
- The ISY’s Error Log