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Voice Control
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See our dedicated page to
Voice Control here!

MobiLinc and Voice Control for iOS features the following:
  • Voice command your devices, thermostats, scenes, programs, and ELK security.
  • Works with the ELK plug-in to deliver security vocal commands to your Areas and Outputs.
  • Supports a custom Voice Prompt so that MobiLinc only responds to voice commands after hearing the voice prompt.
  • Custom natural language processor that allows you to string together multiple commands to have MobiLinc execute a set of vocal commands.
  • Works in the background to deliver voice commands.
  • Auto turn on or off with a geo-fence.
  • Sensitivity adjustments based on environment factors.
  • Works with the Extended Screens plug-in and Apple Watch!

IP Cameras
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MobiLinc X Users: Streaming from IP cameras are included as part of your "Connected" or higher subscription tier.

The IP Camera/DVR plug-in for iOS MobiLinc Pro/HD and Orchestrated apps bring home and business integration to an entire new level. Add a virtual unlimited number of IP Cameras/DVR to MobiLinc and associate your devices, scenes, and programs with your cameras for deep integration with your INSTEON, X-10, Z-Wave, and UPB devices.

  • IP Camera/DVR capable of sending RTSP (H.264/MPEG4 video), or MJPEG video, or JPEG images.
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom controls are supported (dependent on IP Camera hardware).

  • View up to 8 cameras at once on the iPhone/iPod Touch and up to 12 cameras on the iPad.
  • Sound supported for cameras/DVRs sending sound through the RTSP interface.
  • Supports AAC, AC3, MP3/2/1, a-law, and u-law sound formats via RTSP.
  • Intuitive joystick controls for easy pan/tilt movement.
  • Deep integration with your devices, scenes, and programs. Tag your devices, scenes, programs to an IP Camera for direct status and control while viewing your video feed.

For remote access when you are away from home see this post.

Supports thousands of cameras from over 250 IP Camera Manufacturers:

2N Helios, 3S, 3xLOGIC, 4XEM, 7Link, A-MTK, ABS, ABUS, ACTi, ALLIEDE, ALinking, AVS Uriel, AVTech, Abelcam, Absolutron, Acumen, Agasio, AirLink, AirLive, AirSight, Allnet, AlphaNetworks or Variants, Amcrest, Annke, Apexis, Aposonic, Arecont Vision, Asante, Asoni, Astak, Averdigi, Avermedia, AvertX, Avigilon, Aviosys, Aviosys YOICS, Axis, BSTI, Basler, Bewan, BiKal IP CCTV, Blue Iris, BlueJay, Bosch, Brickcom, CBC-Ganz, CCTV Security Pros, CNB, Canon, Cellvision, Channel Vision, Cisco, Clairvoyant MWR, Cohu, Compro, Conceptronic, ConnectionNC, Corega, Costar, CowKey, Custom IP Camera URL, D-Link, DBPower, DVRUSA, DVTel-IOimage, Dahua, Dallmeier, Dedicated Micros, Dericam, Digi-Lan, Digicom, Digimerge, DigitalWatchdog, Digitus, Doorbird, ELP, ENEO, Eagle Vision, EasyN, EasySE, Edimax, Elro, Etrovision, EverFocus, EvoCam, Eye Sight, Eye-on-Gate, EyeoNet, Eyetelligent, Eyseo, FDT, FLIR Systems, FSAN, Fine CCTV, FlexWatch, Foscam or Foscam Variant, GVI, GW Security, Gadspot, Gen IV, Genie, Genius, GeoVision, Grand, Grandeye, Grandstream, Grandtec, Greyfox Systems, Grunding, Hangzhou, Hawking, Hi3507, Hikvision, HooToo, Huacam, Hunt Electronics, IBaby (iBaby), IC Realtime, ICamera (iCamera), INSTEK DIGITAL, IPCAM, IPUX, IPX DDK Multichannel, IQinVision, IRLAB, IVC Relay Server, Ikegami, IndigoVision, Infinova, Innovative Security Designs, Instar, Intellinet, Intellio, JCV, KARE CSST-DIT, KEEBOX, KaiCong, Kkmoon, LILIN, LUXONVIDEO, Launch, Laview, LevelOne, LinkPro, Linksys, Linudix, Loftek, LogiLink, Logitech, LongShine, Lorex, Lumenera, MC Electronics, MESSOA, Marmitek, MaxVideo, Merit LiLin, Micro Digital, Micronet, Microseven, Mobotix, Monoprice, Motorola, Moxa, MultiPix, NetMedia, Netcam Studio, NetcatCCTV, NeuFusion, NightOwl, Nuvico, Onix, OpenEye, Optica, Ovislink, PRIME, Panasonic, Pixord, Planet, Plustek, Q-See, QNAP Security, Quimz, REVO, Raspberry Pi, Reolink, Repotec, SKJM, LLC, SVAT, Samsung, Sanan, Sanyo, Scallop Imaging, SecurityCameraWarehouse, SecuritySpy, Seetong, Sentry, Sercomm, Sertek, SetEye, Seyeon Tech, Sharx, Siemens, Siqura, Sitecom, SmartIndustry, Smarthome/INSTEON, Smartvue, Sony, Sparklan, Speco, StarDot, StarVedia, Sunba, Super Circuits, Swann, TCLINK, TP-Link, Tayama, TechPro, Tenvis, Topica, Toshiba, Trendnet, Trendware, Trivision, True IP, Truen, Trust, UDP Technology, Ubiquiti, VISTA, VITEK, Veo, Verint, Vgsion, Vicon, VideoIQ, Videolarm, Vilar, VisionDigi, Visionhitech Americas, Visionite, Visonic, Vivotek, Vstarcam, Wanscam, Wansview, WebcamXP, Weldex, WiFi Baby, Wirepath, WowWee, Y-cam, Yawcam, Yudor, Zaapa, Zavio, Zmodo, ZoneMinder, Zonet, ZyXEL, eLine, eScam, iLink

Available for:
  • MobiLinc apps for iOS.

Quick Start Guide:
  • Purchase the IP Camera plug-in under "My Plug-Ins".
  • iPad: Setup your cameras by going to My Settings->IP Camera Settings.
  • iPhone: Slide the screen to the right and tap "Cameras". Tap the "+" button to add in your first camera. Camera settings exposed by sliding the screen to the left.
  • Tag devices, scenes, or programs to an IP camera by going to the Advanced Options of the device, scene, or program.

For a standalone iOS camera viewer see our
MobiLinc Cam Viewer app.

ELK Security
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MobiLinc X (iOS/Android) Users: ELK support is included as part of your "Family" subscription tier. Tap the "Shield" icon in the upper right corner on the Home Tab.

MobiLinc Pro/HD/OML:
Available for iOS, the ELK Security plug-in for MobiLinc gives you access to your ELK Security panel and allows for real-time status and control for arming/disarming areas, outputs, and zones.

  • Integrates with MobiLinc Connect. Access your ISY and your ELK's areas, zones, and outputs anywhere you have internet access. No extra networking required. It just works. The added benefit of MobiLinc Connect allows you to access your ELK without exposing your security panel to the internet or requires any other specific ELK service.
  • Also works with direct connections to the ISY.
  • Real-time status of areas, zones, and outputs.
  • Arm/Disarm areas and control outputs.
  • Option to prompt the user to enter the security code to arm/disarm areas.
  • Option to "toggle" arming/disarming areas based on current state.
  • Option to show zone voltages.
  • Option to mask the security code from prying eyes.
  • Option to disable output controls.
  • Option to hide the virtual output controls.
  • Integrates with the optional Voice Control plug-in.

Quick Start Guide for MobiLinc Pro/HD/OML:
  • Verify that your ISY is connected to your ELK security panel.
  • Start MobiLinc and purchase the ELK security panel under My Plug-Ins.
  • Once purchased, a new icon will appear that looks like a padlock. This is My Security.
  • Under My Security, tap the big round icon to arm/disarm areas. Press and hold for additional arming options.
  • To adjust settings and options, go to My Settings->Security Panel.

  • The MobiLinc ELK user interface plug-in requires an ISY controller integrated with the ELK through the optional ISY-ELK plug-in available from Universal Devices.

Available for:
  • iOS: MobiLinc HD, MobiLinc Pro, Orchestrated MobiLinc
  • iOS/Android: MobiLinc X

Energy Monitor
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Basic Energy Monitor is now Free!

With the ISY series controllers and the Brultech ECM-1240, Brultech GreenEye, iTron smart energy meter, Universal Devices EM3, or iMeterSolo INSTEON energy monitors, view your energy consumption in real-time!

Select channels showing real-time energy consumption in kW. Walk around your house or business and turn lights and devices on and off to see in real-time your energy usage change!

Requires one of the following:
  • ISY-994i series controller firmware 4.5.4 or later and the Energy Monitor Plug-In for the Brultech ECM-1240/GreenEye Home Energy Monitor.
  • ISY series controller with iMeterSolo INSTEON devices installed.
  • ISY series controller paired with a Zigbee smart meter. Contact your utility company for compatibility.

Available for:
  • iOS: MobiLinc HD, MobiLinc Pro, and Orchestrated MobiLinc
  • Android: MobiLinc Pro

For advanced energy monitoring including charting historical energy use for up to the past year, please see Energy Management.

Resource Manager
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The Resource Manager plug-in enables the MobiLinc Pro or HD user to infuse their home with the energy management intelligence desired from our lights and appliances.

With just a few taps on your iOS device, easily set lights, scenes, and devices to turn off automatically after a period of time, turn devices/scenes on or off with the integrated timers feature, or have devices and scenes respond to your presence with INSTEON motion detectors.

All settings are written to the ISY as ISY programs for execution and does not require MobiLinc to be running for execution of the programs.

Quick Start Guide:
  • Purchase Resource Manager under My Plug-Ins.
  • Turn on Resource Manager under My Settings->Lighting Controller->Resource Manager.
  • Select a device under My Devices or a scene under My Scenes.
  • Scroll down and select Resource Manager under the selected device or scene.
  • Configure custom timers or auto-off times for the device or scene.
  • Tap Save when done or back out to My Devices or My Scenes to allow MobiLinc to save the custom settings to the ISY controller.
  • Repeat for all devices and scenes you wish to assign timers or auto-off settings.
  • NOTE: A scene is eligible for Resource Manager if it has at least one controller in that scene.

  • Resource Manager requires an ISY series controller with firmware 4.5.4 or later.

Available for:
  • iOS: MobiLinc HD, MobiLinc Pro, Orchestrated MobiLinc