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MobiLinc and IFTTT
(if this then that)

With MobiLinc, your ISY-994x series controller, and MobiLinc Connect cloud service, IFTTT service is now supported with MobiLinc's very own IFTTT Channel!

Create a FREE IFTTT account here

Controlling your home has never been easier with IFTTT applets. Simply use your IFTTT account to tie actions or triggers from thousands of IFTTT events and services to your ISY, INSTEON, and Z-Wave devices.

Example IFTTT Applets:
"If I leave home, then arm my security system"
"If any Z-Wave devices are reporting low battery, then send me a notification"
"If the time is 6:00 pm, then turn on the sunset scene"

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT service ties together thousands of events from hundreds of service providers like MobiLinc Connect. This allows services like MobiLinc Connect to respond to events or generate events to kick off actions with another service on the IFTTT platform. All without having to write a dedicate integration with every single possible service.

At the core, IFTTT allows you as the user to create "Applets". An Applet is a simple action that runs when the Applet's trigger is activated. The Applet's trigger can be from one service and the action from another. For example, If the time is 6:00 pm, then turn on my sunset scene.

Here are just a few examples of Applets you can easily setup in the IFTTT app with your MobiLinc Connect subscription and your ISY:
  • If the time is 5:30 am then turn off the landscape lights scene.
  • If my Ring doorbell senses motion, then turn on the outdoor lights.
  • If I leave home, then arm my security system.
  • If I arrive home, then open the garage door.
  • If the front door lock is jammed, then notify me with a push notification.
  • If a water leak is detected, then call my cell phone.
  • If I leave work, then set the thermostat to Cool and set point to 72 degrees.
  • If my security system is in alarm, then call my cell phone.

Visit the MobiLinc IFTTT Channel page to get started:


The MobiLinc IFTTT Channel supports the following IFTTT features:

Triggers: Events in your home or ISY that can trigger an IFTTT applet to run
  • A lock is locked, unlocked, or jammed.
  • A device turned on or off.
  • A variable is set to a value.
  • A security area changed state.
  • A program is true or false.
  • A sensor turned on or off.
  • Any Z-Wave device is reporting low battery.

Actions: Commands to your ISY and devices in response to an IFTTT event
  • Turn a light on, off, or dim.
  • Turn a switch on or off.
  • Adjust a thermostat.
  • Open or close the garage door.
  • Lock or unlock a door.
  • Run, enable, or disable a program.
  • Set a variable.
  • Arm or disarm a security area.

Who can use this?

Anyone with an active MobiLinc X subscription at the "Connected" tier or higher or MobiLinc Connect account, a free IFTTT account, and an ISY-994x controller.

What do I need?

The following is needed:

1. MobiLinc X, MobiLinc HD, MobiLinc Pro, or Orchestrated MobiLinc for iOS or Android.
2. Active MobiLinc Connect account and an ISY series controller running firmware 4.7.3 or later with the MobiLinc Connect portal installed and connected to your MobiLinc Connect account via the MobiLinc app.
3. A free IFTTT account.

Setup Guide:

Please follow these steps to connect your ISY to IFTTT through MobiLinc Connect:

Install MobiLinc Connect:
1. Install the MobiLinc Connect portal in your ISY-994x by opening the Admin Console from a PC/MAC and going to Help->Purchase Modules.
2. Once installed and the ISY reboots, open MobiLinc X, subscribe and log into your MboiLinc Connect account. For MobiLinc Pro, HD, or Orchestrated MobiLinc go to Settings->Lighting Controller->Host Type and select "MobiLinc Connect".
3. Select "Create a New Account" and follow the directions.

Connect the MobiLinc Channel to your IFTTT account:
1. Open the IFTTT app on your iOS or Android device (or use the IFTTT website:
2. If you haven't already, log into your IFTTT account.
3. Create a New Applet.
4. Tap "This" and search for MobiLinc.
5. Link your MobiLinc Connect account to IFTTT.


Please follow these steps to troubleshoot IFTTT connection and syncing issues:

ISY and Admin Console:
1. Open the Admin Console from a PC/MAC and confirm that under the "Config" tab, the MobiLinc Portal is connected.
2. Go to Help->About and confirm that the UI and firmware versions both match the latest official firmware 4.7.3. If not, please
update both the firmware and UI to the latest versions.

How to get new devices, scenes, and programs to appear as options in IFTTT:
1. Renaming or adding new devices and scenes are automatically synced back to MobiLinc Connect in real-time.
2. After renaming or adding/deleting programs, click the "Save" button on the Programs tab.
3. Wait 5 minutes to allow time for MobiLinc Connect to sync program changes.

How to get new variables to appear as options in IFTTT:
1. Create the new variable.
2. Set the Current Value of the variable to any valid value. Firmware 5.x and precision variables are supported.
3. MobiLinc will see the new variable and add it to the list to send to IFTTT for variable actions and triggers in Applets.

NOTE: IFTTT does cache responses from MobiLinc Connect. If you change names or add/delete items, MobiLinc Connect has the information per the directions above, but IFTTT may take up to 10 minutes to clear out the cached response for the Applet before it pulls in updated list information from the MobiLinc Connect servers as you setup your Applets.