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Dynamic DNS available now with your MobiLinc Connect subscription!

We are happy to announce the release of our dynamic DNS service with your MobiLinc Connect subscription.

Dynamic DNS is a static web address that maps back to your home's external IP address. Since most ISPs will change your home's IP address frequently a lot of users opt to pay for a DNS tracking service like to access their IP Cameras and other home network items.

This frequent changing of your external IP address is why we originally created the MobiLinc Connect service. MobiLinc Connect and your ISY work together to give you local and remote access anywhere you have internet access, no matter if your external IP address changes, but it was limited to just the ISY controller.

With the Dynamic DNS feature of MobiLinc Connect, you can use your unique MobiLinc Connect address instead of paying for a separate dynamic DNS service to access other network equipment items like IP Cameras.

Your MobiLinc Connect Dynamic DNS address is: {ISY's UUID}

For example, if your ISY's UUID is: 12:34:56:78:90:12 remove the colons and use this to reach your home's external IP address:
You can find the UUID under the Admin Console->Help->About

See here for more information.
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