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MobiLinc for iOS 4.10 Released with Custom Voice Notifications!

We are happy to announce the release of MobiLinc 4.10 for iOS with custom Voice Notifications!

MobiLinc is rebuilt for iOS 10 and WatchOS 3!

- Custom voice notifications! Select your device, scene, program, variable, or security state to add or set a custom voice announcement instead of the default notification chime. For example announce that the "Garage Door is open". Pick from over 45+ voices spanning multiple languages and accents.
- Added multi-cam audio on the multi-cam page (iPhone only). To hear and see multiple cameras, each camera feed must only be setup for RTSP. Select "Do Not Use" for the JPEG and MJPEG profiles in the setup of each camera.
- Direct IP users can now get boundary crossing notifications. Go to Settings->Location Settings to enable.
- Added support for the EZIO8T.
- Added support for the Z-Wave bridge device.

Bug fixes:
- Added a Debounce check on geo-fence triggers from iOS.
- Resource Manager did not handle ON/OFF switches correctly.
- Improvements made for direct IP connections to make detecting local/remote direct IP ISYs more robust in non-UPnP environments.
- Updated the IP Camera engine for better CPU/battery performance and to support many more RTSP streaming cameras.
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