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MobiLinc for iOS supports the ELK and Energy Charts!

MobiLinc HD, Pro, and Orchestrated MobiLinc version 3.20.00 for iOS is now available from the iTunes App Store. Update to gain access to the new ELK plug-in and Energy Management service!

Here's what's new in 3.20.00:
ISY-99x Series Controllers:
• Added ELK Security Panel Plug-In option for ISY-ELK users! (Requires the ELK plug-in for ISY controller.)
• Added Historical Energy Chart Analysis subscription option for MobiLinc Connect users.
(Requires ISY-compatible Zigbee energy device(s), the ISY, and a MobiLinc Connect subscription account. Large residential and commercial customers, contact us for more information.)
• Removed old energy charts and replaced with integrated OpenGL solution.
• Added support for IP Camera Zoom capability.
• Added support for ISY-994i ZW (Z-Wave series).
• Added support for a number of new IP Cameras including FOSCAM's newest H.264 camera.
• 20% speed improvement in communication with ISY through MobiLinc Connect.
• Added the INSTEON Water Leak Sensor graphic to MobiLinc HD/iPad.

All Controllers:
• Overhauled Guest Mode. You can now specify what pages your guests should have access to.
• Other misc bug fixes and improvements.
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