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MobiLinc Remote for iPhone and Apple Watch!

We are happy to announce the release of our Universal Remote control app, MobiLinc Remote for the iPhone and Apple Watch!

MobiLinc Remote is a simple and streamlined Universal Remote for your entertainment system. Using WiFi and the iTach products from Global Caché, MobiLinc Remote from your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Today View can simplify and control thousands of entertainment devices from TV's, to Blu-ray/DVD players, Apple TV and other network streamers, cable/DVR set top boxes, sound/video receivers, and much more.

With support of over 150,000 IR codes, MobiLinc Remote is prepared to simplify almost any entertainment system. A typical entertainment system might include some or all of the following equipment:
• TV
• Cable/DVR or set top box
• Blu-ray/DVD player
• Apple TV or other network based streamer
• Sound amplifier
• Video source selector

With MobiLinc Remote put away those bulky physical remotes and simply control from your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Today View widget!

• Apple Watch Support!
• Less than 5 minutes to setup with clear, non-technical questions about your entertainment system.
• Routes sound and video input sources to the the proper equipment automatically based on answers to the setup questions. No complex settings to worry about.
• Mode icons to automatically switch your entertainment system over to what you want to watch instantly.
• Press and hold Fast-Forward/Reverse to skip through playback. Release to automatically play.
• Today View widget support.

MobiLinc Remote requires at least one of the following hardware devices from Global Caché:
• iTach WF2IR
• iTach IP2IR

See MobiLinc Remote for more information including MobiLinc Remote’s App Preview and screenshots on iPhone and Apple Watch.
MobiLinc Remote is available on the App Store:
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