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MobiLinc for iOS Verison 4 is now Available!

We are very happy to announce that just in time for MobiLinc's 5th birthday this week, MobiLinc (Pro/HD/OML) for iOS has been updated to v4.0! This is a MAJOR update and comes with the following features:
- iOS 7/arm64 support!
- New UI design for iOS 7 on the iPhone!
- Voice Control plug-in!
- IP Camera plug-in updated with our new MobiLinc Cam Viewer app.
- Z-Wave support.
- ISY firmware 4.1.2 users and later will see a significant speed improvement on startup.
- Several geofencing updates for increased reliability.
- Added OutletLinc, 240V, Smoke Bridge, and door lock graphics to the iPad.
- Resource Manager supports options for up to 24 hours.
- Variable input allows for negative values.
- MobiLinc will stay connected to the ISY in the background for up to 2 minutes to allow for a quick exit and entry into MobiLinc without incurring a startup delay.
- Stability fixes for our wall mounted users that run MobiLinc 24/7.

Thank you to everyone that has made MobiLinc so successful!
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