MobiLincTake Control of Your Home

MobiLinc Alexa now talks!

We are happy to announce our new Alexa feature: Alexa Voice Announcements!

Starting today, anyone with MobiLinc Connect and Alexa can trigger any Alexa enabled device in your home to speak any custom phrase when motion or a sensor change is detected. Supported items in your ISY that classify as sensors are:

  • INSTEON Motion sensors.
  • INSTEON Door sensors.
  • IO Linc Relay/Sensors.
  • Programs in a folder called "Sensors".
  • Variables with "Sensor" in the name of the variable.
  • ELK Zones.

Some examples of what you can do include:

  • Announce at home when you leave work (trigger off your MobiLinc geo-fence variable).
  • Announce when motion is detected.
  • Announce when a door or ELK zone is triggered.
  • Announce when the garage door opens or closes (IO Linc sensor as a trigger).
  • Turn on lights inside or outside when motion is detected.
  • Turn a RemoteLinc or KeypadLinc into a music controller for Alexa.
  • Connect ANYTHING in IFTTT to Alexa using the MobiLinc IFTTT Channel.

For more information including setup/configuration see our Alexa page.
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