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Introducing MobiLinc X for iOS and Android!

We are happy to announce the release MobiLinc X for iOS and Android!

MobiLinc X is our newest, modern app for your ISY-994i controller built with speed, security, and your family in mind. Get started with a free 14-day trial!

MobiLinc X features:
  • iOS and Android are identical.
  • Supports INSTEON and Z-Wave devices with the ISY-994i Series Controller.
  • Supports Lights, Thermostats, Garage Doors, Doors, Outlets, Irrigation, Leak Sensors, Motion, Scenes, Programs, Variables, Fans, Rooms, and Weather.
  • Instant startup status and control of any device, scene, program, variable, or security item.
  • Video and Audio streaming for ONVIF certified cameras.
  • ELK Security Support.
  • Supports full ISY configuration including creating/editing/deleting rooms, devices, scenes. Admin Console is not required.
  • Supports Family Management with creating admin and user accounts. Accounts are shared with a QR Code. No usernames/passwords are necessary to get family members connected.
  • Admin Users have full control and can edit/change/delete items.
  • User accounts can control items only. User accounts can not edit.
  • Supports up to two ISYs.
  • Add/Change/Delete Alexa or Google Home spoken names right from the app. Quickly see and manage all your spoken items in one view.
  • Feature Request: Upvote and suggest new features. See what we're working on next and vote for the next feature to get added to MobiLinc X.
  • Full integration with our MobiLinc IFTTT channel supporting notifications, geo-fencing, thousands of devices and services, and more!
  • Alexa Smart Home integration supported.
  • Google Home/Google Assistant integration supported.

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